We believe-in and wholeheartedly support sustainability through the re-use and upcycling of your down.

We value natural material and craftsmanship, which we combine to create heirloom quality comforters and pillows. We are a family run business caring for your bedding needs for over 30 years. 

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you’ll call to discuss how we can be a part of your down home comfort.

Margaret and Steven Eisenhauer

Caring for your down since 1981!

Down Home Comforts
126 County Route 3
Putnam Station, NY 12861

Environmental Benefits

  • When you up-cycle your down items with us, you are supporting a US based, family run, small business.
  • Our services are as unique as you! Nothing is mass produced. Nothing is pre-made. Every project is custom, hand crafted specifically for your personal needs.
  • With proper care – your comforter can last for generations!
  • The impact on the lives of geese- We have remade comforters from items of which our customers plucked the geese themselves!

Personal Benefits

  • Down comforters provide you exceptional warmth and comfort while being lightweight.
  • The use of down and feathers is very, very old and very traditional. They have the ability to maintain body temperature, allowing us to rest and refresh ourselves more easily - thus sounder sleep and better health!
Down Home Comforts
126 County Route 3
Putnam Station, NY 12861
(518) 547-8966 or (518) 223-2193

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