Tips on How to Take Care of You Down Bedding from Down Home Comforts!
  1. NEVER wash or dry clean down! Down needs its natural oils to provide loft and insulation -- washing removes these essential oils.
  2. Air out and fluff your comforters and pillows on occasion. We recommend hanging them outdoors in sunny, dry weather.
  3. Always use a removable (and washable) cover. Duvet covers and pillow cases protect your down products from dirt and moisture.
  4. Rotate your comforter once a week, from head to foot, and give it a shake to redistribute the down within the channels.
  5. Use your comforter OVER you instead of under you. Down is delicate and keeps you warm by being fluffy. When you lay or sit on your comforter, your weight will literally crush and break the down, so it will no longer insulate.
  6. In case of spills, etc., ‚Ķfirst push down away from the area. Then use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the ticking(cover). Mild soap may be used. Air dry, or use a hair dryer on the spot. Avoid getting down wet!  
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